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About Us


Statewide Security Enforcement & Investigations Inc. is proud of the caliber of personnel within our organization, all trained by experts in the fields of law enforcement, security and investigations. Our officers are current or former members of the law enforcement and military community. In addition we actively recruit from some of the top security schools in South Florida.

Our Security Enforcement Officers are certified and licensed by the state and are subjected to a rigorous background investigation. Our officers provide you with clean, neat and professional security coverage.

Statewide Security Enforcement & Investigations Inc. Investigators come from the ranks of the finest investigative agencies in the world. We employ from law enforcement organizations at the municipal, state and federal level. Our investigations are the most thorough and accurate available; all are conducted with complete discretion and confidentiality.


All Statewide Security Enforcement Officers are provided with professional, modern police style uniforms and identification cards. We offer other types of uniforms for the hospitality services and for our discreet clients.

We offer different levels of service all of which are professionally delivered and are tailored to fit your specific needs.

Silver – Our basic level which provides you with unarmed security officers in professional police style uniforms

Gold – This level offers unarmed officers dressed in hospitality uniforms. These officers are smartly dressed in business attire (slacks, shirt & tie and blazer). Ideal for hotels, hospitals and undercover operations.

Platinum – Level III service provides you with armed officers in professional police style uniforms.

Patrol Vehicles

Security Patrol Trucks

Security Patrol Trucks

Security Patrol Cars

Security Patrol Cars

We maintain a fleet of modern patrol vehicles of all different shapes and sizes. Statewide will supply upon request a patrol vehicle that best suits our clients needs. These vehicles are conspicuously marked and well maintained.

License #’s – A2200367, B2200250, DS1400009