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Florida Approved Speed Measuring Devices

Police Radar Gun

Speed detection devices (radar units) have been in the news a lot lately. We have posted the list of approved speed detection devices for the State of Florida. We want to put to rest any concerns our clients may have. We only use speed detection devices that are on the approved list. See the list below: 15B-2.013 Approved […]

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How Safe Is Your Community

Sadly, crime may be a factor anywhere a person chooses to live. Because of this it is not possible for Mid-America to say whether or not the area is safe. We attempt to minimize risk by making reasonable efforts to inform our residents of significant criminal situations that have occurred as we are notified. Local […]

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Community Info

Gated Communities

Resident Information Sheet For new residents and residents needing to update our information for them on file. Holiday Safety Sheet During the Holidays some tend to let their guard down, safety is a must. Halloween Safety Sheet  .

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