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Home watch


Our basic services include checking the exterior as well as the interior of your home. We will notify you immediately of any deficiencies found upon inspection. We will provide you with a decal to let potential criminals that your home is protected by Statewide Security at no additional cost!

Security Services Available:

  • Exterior Security
    • Check for any signs of vandalism
    • Check all doors & windows
    • Check for weather damage
    • Check exterior for pest & rodent infestation
    • Check for exterior irrigation & plumbing
    • Check outdoor heating, A/C units
    • Check all additional exterior structures
    • Check pool, spa & equipment
    • Check landscaping & lawn
  • Interior Security
    • Check door & windows
    • Check & run plumbing (toilets & faucets)
    • Check water heater
    • Check A/C
    • Check all appliances
    • Check for mold & mildew
    • Check for flooding or water damage
    • Check interior for pest & rodent infestation
    • Turn lighting on & off rotating rooms
  • Frequency of Inspections

    Your home is your largest and most expensive possession We offer a flexible schedule for your home inspections. You can choose from daily, weekly, bi weekly, or monthly visits. We offer frequencies of service all of which are professional delivered and are tailored to fit your specific needs.

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