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Florida Approved Speed Measuring Devices

Police Radar Gun

Speed detection devices (radar units) have been in the news a lot lately. We have posted the list of approved speed detection devices for the State of Florida.
We want to put to rest any concerns our clients may have. We only use speed detection devices that are on the approved list.

See the list below:

15B-2.013 Approved Speed Measuring Devices.

The following speed measuring devices have been approved for use in this State by the Department pursuant to this rule chapter.
(1) Radar units acquired for use in this State after August 1, 1982, are listed below. Additional radar units will be approved by the Department based on conformance to these rules. Evidence of approval of additional units shall be by a Certificate of Approval Form HSMV 60013 (Rev. 7/03), which is available by contacting the Florida Highway Patrol, Neil Kirkman Building, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0500, or by disseminating the listing of additional units on the Florida Crime Information Center (FCIC) computer system, or by listing on the Division of Florida Highway Patrol website.
(a) Applied Concepts, Inc., formerly known as Applied Concepts Marketing –
1. Model STALKER;
5. Model STALKER BASIC – stationary and moving;
6. Model DSR2X;
7. Model STALKER II MDR; and
(b) Broderick Enforcement Electronic – Model BEE-36;
(c) Decatur Electronics, Inc. –
1. Model MVF 724;
2. Model KF-1;
3. Model Genesis I;
4. Model Genesis II;
5. Genesis Handheld;
6. Model Genesis VP;
7. Model Genesis VP Directional;
8. Genesis GHD (Handheld Directional);
9. Genesis II – Select; and
10. Genesis II – Directional.
(d) Kustom Electronics, Inc., or Kustom Signals, Inc.
1. Model KR-10SP-F, Model KR-10SP;
2. Model FALCON-F, Model FALCON;
3. Model TROOPER-F, Model TROOPER;
4. Model HAWK;
5. Model PRO-1000, Model PRO-1000DS;
6. Model Eagle K-Band;
7. Model Eagle KA-Band;
8. Model Eagle Plus K-Band;
9. Model Eagle Plus KA-Band;
10. Model Silver Eagle K-Band;
11. Model Silver Eagle KA-Band;
12. Model Golden Eagle K-Band;
13. Model Golden Eagle KA-Band;
14. Model Golden Eagle Plus KA-Band;
15. Model HR-12;
16. Model Talon;
17. Directional Golden Eagle KA-Band;
18. Golden Eagle Plus;
19. Eagle II Plus – DCM Antenna;
20. Eagle II – DCM Antenna;
21. Golden Eagle II – DCM Antenna;
22. Directional Golden Eagle II – DCM Antenna;
23. Talon II;
24. Eagle II Plus Ka;
25. Eagle II Ka;
26. Golden Eagle II Ka;
27. Falcon – HR – Stationary;
28. Falcon – HR – Moving; and
29. Talon – Directional.
30. Raptor RP-1.
(e) McCoy’s LAWLINE Speed Trak Elite K, Ka and Elite KD (directional);
(f) M.P.H. Industries, Inc., or CMI/MPH or CMI/MPH Industries, Inc. –
1. Model K-15K “1986 Model,” Model K-15, Model K-15 II;
2. Model MPH Speedgun (K-BAND);
3. Model K-55K; Model BEE-36;
4. Model Bee III;
5. Model Enforcer;
6. Model Python;
7. Model Z-15;
8. Model Z-25;
9. Model Z-35;
10. Model Python III – Standard; and
11. Model Python III – Fastest Speed, Same Direction.
(g) Tribar Industries, Inc. –
1. Model MDR-2; and
2. Model K-GP..

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